Sofia Johansdotter1847

Sofia Johansdotter
Given names
Married name
Sofia Larsson
Birth March 15, 1847
MarriageLars Johan LarssonView this family

Birth of a son
Karl Levin Larsson
March 9, 1878 (Age 30 years)
Death of a sonKarl Levin Larsson
November 27, 1954 (Age 107 years)
  1. Generation 1
    1. Sofia Johansdotter was born on March 15, 1847 in Fogelås. She married Lars Johan Larsson. He was born on February 15, 1849.

      Children of Sofia Johansdotter and Lars Johan Larsson:

      1. Karl Levin Larsson (18781954)
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    1. Karl Levin Larsson

      Karl Levin Larsson, son of Lars Johan Larsson and Sofia Johansdotter, was born on March 9, 1878 in Mofalla, Skaraborg, Sverige and died on November 27, 1954 in backen, Johannelund, Östergötland, Sverige at the age of 76. He married Eleonora Ingeborg Larsson, daughter of Johan Alfred Larsson and Charlotta Åbom.

      Karl Levin Larsson and Eleonora Ingeborg Larsson had 1 child.

      Karl Levin Larsson had 1 child.

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    The details of this generation are private.